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On this site you will learn the secrets to perform a nail reconstruction by real professionals, both from home and now also present in the hair salons. The reconstruction of the nails allows every woman to always have hands in perfect order for 3/4 weeks. Hands are our calling card and nail reconstruction helps us to have them always cared for and elegant! The gels that are used, are innovative and have the important characteristic of not yellowing, and to remain chromatically unchanged between retouching. Nail reconstruction is done on both the hands and feet. If the nails are well-groomed, with a bright and healthy appearance, they constitute a point of beauty. For some time now the gel method has been favoured, as it is much faster and of higher quality. In addition, thanks to its simplicity, with the gel even the most inhaled, they can try a reconstruction in the house, the important thing is to have the right tools and a little patience. You can perform nail stretching with tips or with maps, treat onhonosagy, strengthen natural nails, and any treatment can be carried out with or without permanent French and decorations of all kinds! They are not acids, so they do not weaken the natural nail. To create the thickness of the nail you can use different types of gels, which are mixed and applied on top of each other. An ultraviolet lamp then catalyzes these layers. The Gel guarantees a very natural end result, in fact this is the most innovative and currently most requested technique. Nail reconstruction is recommended for all women who wish to have flawless nails and the desired length. Fighting onophagy with nail reconstruction: it is a vice of many, but few know that it is called onophagy. We often notice grooves or nails that break with ease. The causes of this problem can be attributed to several factors: congenital characteristic of the subject, deficiency of minerals or vitamins, pharmacological treatments, weakening of the physical state of the person, as well as exposure of nails to agents such as water, detergents, soaps, which dehydrate the nail and make it weaker. Again we can help our nails with products such as strengthening glazes or, wanting to improve the aesthetic appearance of our hands, resort to gel nail reconstruction. To make sure you get a good result, you need to turn to specialized and professional centers also in the professional salons of hairdressers. In order to become an onicotechnic, in fact, and therefore acquire the various techniques of nail reconstruction, you have to attend ad hoc courses.

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